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XVIII congress of Otorhinolaryngology RUSSIA

St. Petersburg
26-28 April 2011

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In accordance with decision IV Plenum of the Board of the Russian society otolaryngologist 26-28 April 2011 in St. Petersburg will XVIII Congress of the otolaryngologist Russia.
The congress will be held in the beautiful palace complex of St. Petersburg, located in downtown, within walking distance from one another - Anichkov Palace, the palace of Prince Beloselskikh-Belozersky palace living on the street Architect Rossi, the Alexandrinsky Theatre.

A large number of rented palatial halls can be included in the program XVIII Congress of all the key issues of Otorhinolaryngology.
In addition to plenary sessions will be presented to the section:

    * Audiology and Audiology, vestibulologiya
    * Otology
    * Pathology of the pharynx and larynx
    * Phoniatrics
    * Rhinology
    * Oncology ENT organs
    * Occupational Pathology
    * Children's Otolaryngology


    * Thematic workshops
    * Roundtables
    * Master classes.

The congress will run exhibition of modern medical equipment, instruments and medicines leading international and domestic manufacturers. Foreseen the presentation and sale of printed publications.

Congress participants will be offered a special cultural program and dinner.

As part of the Congress will be held:

    * Meeting of senior specialists regions of Russia,
    * Meeting of the Bureau of the Scientific Council on Otorhinolaryngology RAMS
    * Meeting of the Expert Council on Otorhinolaryngology Department of Health and Social Development,
    * Reporting and elect new meeting of the Editorial Committee and the Editorial Board of the journal "Russian otorhinolaryngology,
    * The organizational meeting of the Society, members of the Russian Society for the Rights of the otolaryngologist collective members.

Number of participants of the Congress is not limited.

Registration of participants
XVIII Congress of the otolaryngologist Russia:

   1. Electronic registration before March 1, 2011 - site www.lornii.ru. The cost of the registration fee - 2500 rubles.
   2. Mail registration before March 1, 2011 Postal order send Tulkin VN The cost of the registration fee - 2500 rubles.
   3. Register for the period of the Congress 25.04-28.04.2011, in the registration hall. The cost of the registration fee - 3000 rubles.

The registration fee for participants of the Congress in the electronic registration and post registration before March 1, 2011 is 2500 RUR. In the case of registration in the days of the Congress pay the registration fee is 3000 rubles, and directly with the participant registration or sent to the account OOO "Register" from legal entities. Registration fee: payment portfolio includes members with materials and attributes, rental and design rooms.

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Topic Congress

Members of the Congress may make submissions on any section of our specialty.

Since the theme of the Congress includes a large number of participants, some reports may be presented as a poster, followed by discussion in the Congress.


Plenary lectures 15 minutes, Sectional reports 10 min. The organizing committee reserves the right selection and inclusion in the Congress of the submissions.

All articles and reports must be submitted to the Organizing Committee before February 1, 2011.

Rules for writing articles

Articles on this topic up to 5 typewritten pages should be designed in accordance with teh.trebovaniyami magazine "Russian otorhinolaryngology: numbered A4 page with margins 2.5 cm, font" Times "12 point type, a half time interval. If the article uses the characters from the character fonts (formulas, Greek symbols ? ? ? ? ?, etc.), in printed form, these characters should be underlined in colored marker.

It is mandatory to provide necessary version of article in electronic form (e-mail e-mail: tulkin@nregistr.ru, tulkin19@mail.ru or Floppy 3,5 ", CD-ROM to the postal address: 190013, St. Petersburg, st. Bronnitskaya, 9, SRI ENT, Tulkin Valentin Nikolaevich). Floppy Disk (CD) should be signed by: Name authors, article title, name of the file. Material should be submitted in a separate file, Microsoft Word, the file name must begin with the author's surname. The illustrations used in the text document must be attached to an article in the form of files of the original format (*. TIF, *. EPS, *. PSD, *. BMP).

The cost of publication for the natural person (s) 1000 rub. A publication containing the direct or indirect reklamnuyuinformatsiyu indicating brand name drug, is considered by the Organizing Committee in a special order after approval of all the issues with manufacturers and the conclusion of her contract.

Payment for research papers from an individual to send postal money order before February 1, 2011 at: 190013, Saint-Petersburg, ul. Bronnitskaya, 9, Institute of Otolaryngology, the editors of the magazine "Russian otorhinolaryngology", Tulkin Valentin Nikolaevich.

Organizational, informational and financial support by Ltd "Register", Director Popov VI, tel.: +7(812) 931-0125

Payment for articles from a legal person shall after the conclusion of the contract with "Register". Phone: +7(812) 931-0125, fax: +7(812) 575-8040, e-mail: popov@nregistr.ru, Popov VI

All articles will be published in the XVIII Congress of the otolaryngologist Russia.

Accommodation in St. Petersburg

For all matters relating to reservation of seats and accommodation, must contact the official tourist operator of the Congress - the company "Petersburg Hotels.
Contact person - Irina Anisimova, tel.: +7(812) 313-6155 dob.108, fax: +7(812) 313-6155 ext. 100; e-mail: corporate@vashpiter.ru

Cultural Program

At the end of the Congress, from April 29 to May 3, will postkongresstur to Switzerland with a visit to the leading ENT klinik.Ekskursionnaya program includes direct flights St Petersburg - Zurich - St. Petersburg, accommodation in 4 * hotel (4 nights), a visit to Zurich, Basel, Lucerne. The cost of travel (including airfare, hotel, breakfast, transfers to the country, poseschenieklinik, excursions) - 650 euro (limited number of bus capacity - 30 people). More to the program visit to Switzerland can be found at www.lornii.ru.
Contact person - Bykovskaya Polina, director of the company "Swiss Travel Service, tel.: +7(950) 004-0941

Also traditionally offered postkongress round: Finland-Sweden - Norway - Denmark.
Contact person - Fanta Ivan, tel.: +7 (812) 316-5429, fax: +7 (812) 316-7911


(Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee, general information)
tel.: +7(812) 316-2852, fax: +7(812) 316-7911, e-mail: lor-obchestvo@bk.ru

Tulkin Valentin
(General information, scientific articles)
tel. / fax: +7(812) 316-2932, e-mail: tulkin@nregistr.ru, tulkin19@mail.ru

Vyacheslav Popov
(Registration of contracts for participation in the Congress and Exhibition of legal persons
applications for excursions and visits to theaters)
tel.: +7(812) 931-0125, fax: +7(812) 575-8040, e-mail: popov@nregistr.ru

Fanta Ivan, general information, registration of delegates and uchastinikov Congress.
(Informational support for post-congress tour on a ferry to Scandinavia)
tel.: +7(812) 316-5429, fax: +7(812) 316-7911, e-mail: 3165429@mail.ru

Irina Anisimova
(Hotel reservation: the company "Petersburg hotels"
tel.: +7(812) 313-6155 ext. 108, fax +7(812) 313-6155 *100, mob.: +7(905) 210-7888,
e-mail: corporate@vashpiter.ru

Online registration card

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